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Originally Posted by UsedTaHaveA68 View Post
So if SEMA is all about being different from other people, why are you throwing the same oversized wheels with rubber band tires that every single other person on the planet seems to be doing? Why not use that extra width to put a 20x14" wheel with a 375 series tire on there? And then put flares on the front to fit a 315 or something?
First of all, while these are not my preference but that does not mean there is anything wrong with them. Someone likes them enough to pay for them then let them go to it.

Second, thin tires are the new sports car look, for any kind of sports car. Try anything different and you will get skewered with such faint praise as "too retro", "not modern enough" and "belongs on a (insert gen 2, 3, 4 here) car" when you ask for comments. Do I think that, from a performance perspective that this is not the right build for it? Yes, but then if I were truly honest with going for pure performance then I would be running a 14" or 15" steel wheel with race slicks.

Originally Posted by UsedTaHaveA68 View Post
A) I hate wheels that tall. They're disproportionate to the rest of the car. Imagine a 5'3" 105lb hottie with size 13 shoes. It just ain't right.
No, more like a 5'3" girl wearing 8" heels.

My personal choice would be a widebody kit that would allow 21"x12" rear with 375/25-21 tires and 20"x12" front with 315/25-20 tires and have a diffuser in the rear that lowered the profile back down.

But there are probably people who just read this and said "ew!" and are going to flame.

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