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Steering wheel alignment off

So I really love this car and maybe it's making me extra picky. I've noticed that the steering wheel alignment is a little off - the distance from my left shoulder is farther than my right. The wheel is not perpendicular to the centerline of the car. I thought it might just be in my head, perhaps the alignment of the gauges. An experiment was in order. I strung twine from both sides of the car, with both ends the exact same distance from the weatherstrip at the far front of the door (approx 7-1/14"). Just as I thought, the left side has a 1/2" gap where the right side is flush with the string.

Maybe it's supposed to be this way. The engineers may have been thinking of giving more room to the left arm as many may drive single-hand with it. Has anyone here noticed the same thing, and is this normal? Never noticed it with other vehicles...
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