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Originally Posted by tw3ss View Post
Time to replace pads any thoughts on brand. Mostly street but some road course action.

How much road course action? Novice, intermediate? Brake pad discussions are like headers, exhaust, and cosmetic discussions, many opinions and vendors jumping in trying to sell there favorites! I do know that everyone says stay away from Hawk HPS and Performance Ceramic if you're doing any track time. I think Tyler's advise is good but like I said it depends on how hard core you are at the track.

If you are concerned about squeaky brakes on the street some of those DTC-30's can squeak. HP + are excellent for occasional track days and should be good on the street. I'm a novice HPDE driver and the advice that I was given by several respected sources was to stick with the stock pads which are really very good! I am installing the JDP Quantum cooling ducts and upgrading the brake fluid to Motul 600 which has a higher boiling point than stock fluid for the occasional track day!

There are several brake pad discussion threads also if you do a search that may be helpful also!
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