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2010 SS - sway bar questions- Pedders or 1LE?

Suspensions aren't my forte. And neither is getting good results with the search button (I tried, couldn't find what I was looking for)

For my 2010 SS, I was wondering if swapping to the factory 1LE sway bars front/rear would be worthwhile to bump up the steering feel on the street? Buying a takeoff kit puts it around $250 for the 1LE stuff at the moment.

While Pedders makes some really cool street kits, I'm wondering do I really need to spend a grand or more on a kit to improve the street steering feel? Or is it that much further ahead of the 1LE to justify the kit prices? I know it's quality, thus it cost more, but GM 1LE parts are certainly better than what came on the car as well. So there's no doubt the Pedders street stuff will be more than what I'd ever need.

I'm NOT going to be lowering the car, AutoX, or anything remotely hard core so I doubt I'm going to need to change springs/struts. I'm simply looking to upgrade the suspension slightly, with the daily driver handling approach in mind. But I'd also like to be able to do a tad more spirited turning without plowing the front end. I know with some of my older cars, upgrading sway bars and bits made a noticeable difference in the handling to the better. That's all I'm after.

So what's the advice? Opinions? Leave it the f** alone? etc.?
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