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We did an exercise, awhile ago, where the '69 Vehicle Order Guide was used on an inline-6 Camaro Coupe. NO SS. NO Z/28. NO COPO. Inline-6 Base Coupe. OK?

When you added what features are now standard equipment across the board on all '13 (at that time) Camaros and put them on a '69 6-cylinder Coupe, the '69 price came to $5,800-and-change!!!!!

NO IRS/ABS/TC/CD/radial tires/aluminum wheels/crash protection/electronics/ad nauseum! Those features, if available way-back-when, would have been EXTRA!

BTW, CPI from '69-forward has that $5800+ 6-cylinder = $37,000+!!!

Now add the $4100+ COPO 9560 (ZL1) package (which is pretty damn close to the new Z/28's driveline) and the necessary options to get that package (another $400) and you're now up to $66,000! Still no modern conveniences or Gov't-mandated "necessities".

And, believe it or not, Ripley, that's not far from where the '14 Z/28 will be priced...

We tend to forget how much "stuff" we get with cars today. Unfortunately, it's NOT "free"...and NEVER was.
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