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Originally Posted by Bo White View Post
Pushing those parts pretty hard.
its only 10psi of boost

Originally Posted by Inferno LSX View Post
Not gonna run a bigger TB on the Whipple?
no real need for it at this time

Originally Posted by grocerygetter View Post
Something is weird. Congrats...don't get me wrong...but I run same size injector and same pump and I was out of fuel at 67xwhp (93oct). Watched the fact of the fuel psi dropping 3psi on the dyno (street would be worse) and I watched more fuel being commanded result in nothing...injectors done. So maybe Rhino's dyno just reads that much lower than theirs?
I know I am not the only one in the fuel camp on this board. Other shops showed the same. Too cold to say "timeslips". Have fun with it man...But get a log on your fuel psi on the street.
we have data logs on every dyno run and street tuning event we make to keep as a record and monitor. What was was left out is that it also has an MSD bap. The car did not leave the shop making 700hp. we will retune it today with the meth and then it will leave with around 750rwhp.This is a standard Hp level for these mods.

please checkout this thread shawn made. its a good read about dyno tuning:

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