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Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
What work have you had done there? Was it a good experience, etc?
I have had a lot of warranty work associated with an engine malfunction, and they have done everything in their power to fix it, including calling and bringing in specialists from GM. When they were unable to fix the problem after several trips to the dealership and a new top end of the motor, they gave us a great deal on a new model. The people all know me by name, seem really intelligible about the cars they sell, and do a good job with their repairs. They will tell you what is wrong and ask you what you want to do as far as leaving the car and getting a rental (an extremely easy process with them), waiting on the car, etc.
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"The Porsche is quick down the straights, but the Z/28 sticks better in the corners and feels more like a race car."

Nothing more to say.
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