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Originally Posted by Rockin the BlueSS View Post
what did they do on the SST build? that one you could almost not tell there was a cage in it?
Before starting on our cage, we went to NRE and took a bunch of pictures, videos and took measurements of another cage they had finished. The cage we saw at NRE was even tighter than speedsters. But the car had no seats so we never determined the amount of head clearance. Our down bar seems to be as tighter and much tighter than the Copo but we can't see how this would be safe.

Originally Posted by woodside783 View Post
ridetech makes a tiger cage that is really good looking but you pay for it. might be the way i end up going
Ridetech makes great cages but none for us yet. The other things is we wanted a welded in cage. Ridetech is a bolt on deal. Dollars wise, we are way over the cost of a Ridetech as this custom one off stuff gets really pricey in a hurry. Unfortunately, we might have to scrap the hole thing.

We did speak with Craig at Extreme. He suggested scraping the factory liner and build further into the roof. Than we can just do a custom liner. That might be the route to go.

Originally Posted by Synner View Post
For what its worth here's my 2 cents.
How intensive was your mockup and was your helmet resting DIRECTLY on the bar? If you just set the seat in and moved around you're not necessarily in the bolt-in position. Also, did you consider the very restricted movement of the 6-point harness you're installing? You'd be perfectly centered and hardly able to move when cinched down.

You have more room than many so if you considered all the other items above then I'd say its a factor of the aftermarket seat and bracket setup which others don't have. I would evaluate the ability to offset the seat or frame along with the necessary strengthening of any seat mounting points. I agree removal of the frame is a bad idea, autocross is already painful enough in these cars because I can't really see the right front wheel properly unless I'm crunched against the roof.

I don't see much reason/benefit to redoing the bar, I would evaluate the harness and seat setup and where exactly it places you in the vehicle.
We will put the dash in when we get back to see where we are as far as visibility. As we have it now, with the helmet on you can not have your head straight, you have to tilt your head slightly to comply with the cage. No bueno. Even if we lower the seats, it'll only take someone with a longer torso to have the same problem as we are currently having. If your 5'10+, forget about it

We were pressed for time when we realized the clearance issue so we didn't get to think about a solution as much as we wanted, but we'll be back Monday and then we'll reevaluate our options.

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