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Originally Posted by rocketrider807 View Post
Ill contribute:
Goals: Competitive autocross car (E-prepared)/Fun Track day car

Model: V6 LS

: BMR Sway Bars, Lowering Springs, 20x8.5 Front Wheels & 20x10 Rear Wheels

Budget: What ever I scrounge together how about this. WANT list w/time line:
20x10 Front Wheels ~ $600+Tires
Coil Overs (BC will do) ~ $1000
CAI: ~$350
Headers (BBK): $700

The parts are in the order that I would purchase, hope to have the first two by the time autocross season starts, the other two will come when they come . Considering jamming bushing kits in before the power mods.
My first suggestions would be bushings. BMR, for your power level, would be something to look into and definitely something you would want to do before coilovers.

Speaking of which, I would suggest Pedders over BC just so you do not have to cut a hole in the trunk to adjust them(if you still have to do that). Also you can usually find a decent set used in the classifieds in the spring for a good price. Plus, they are just better IMHO.

Tires, tires, tires. This is subjective and I know I am going to catch some flack for this but "I" like a staggered setup and set my car up accordingly. Now when I say this I mean I set the sway bars, tires, etc. so the handling is more accommodating to this way of driving and car setup. If is works for the vette and ZL1 then it is ok for me. Now, you already have 8.5F and 10R rims. If you are used to these you could stick with this setup and set the car up for staggered and save some money and apply it toward tires. This is NOT for everyone and some do better with the same setup of the 1LE. This is something you will have to figure out on your own.

Tires part 2, Now.... tires are important. The stickier the better but you also have to decide if you are going to DD on these too. My vote is Michelin Pilot Super Sports.

Power, for a CAI my vote is a Halltech YellowJacket but as long as you pick one of the good ones you should be ok. Headers, I would choose one of the top three: Kooks, ARH, Pfadt, and then get them coated to keep heat down under hood. Oh damn, sorry just saw you are V6. I am not really well versed on making power on those so hopefully someone can chime in.

Otherwise good plan so far.

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