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Wow there's a lot I think is really cool with that car and my hubby Jim says so too!
Loves the wide body and the open vents!!! Great Job!!!

He also thinks the rims are a bit over the top tall for his liking but he would have added a lower ground effects kit to take care of the extra ground height of it to look more lowered and Road Racer-ish.
He loves the Black and Red color of the wheels on a Black car giving it an evilish appearance,Just not as much the style of those wheels.
That Bowtie is exactley what we want as well! Gloss Black and Red!

If he did it,(Exterior) He'd also put on some type of Lower ground effects,Corvette style diffuser with center exhaust. But the painted one still looks nice! Also a taller rear spoiler and BAM! One Bad looking Road racing style Camaro!

But it' sure is a cool looking Modified camaro anyway you look at it!
It sure is different!
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