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Originally Posted by BronxRS View Post
Hello - I've weighed my options for my 2LT RS daily driver. I have a number of bolt ons but don't plan on supercharging/turboing my car so I'll never be over 400 rwhp. I do want to reduce wheel hop and improve cornering/handling in curves. As a result, I've decided solid sub-frame bushings would be overkill and not worth the added price premium.

I'm getting the Hotchkis sways (F/R) and BMR rear trailing arms and toe rods installed so I will have to get my cradle down anyways, I'm leaning towards BMR BK024 full poly bushings instead of inserts. I was initially looking at the EP1201 from Pedders but they seem to have fallen from the face of the earth so I have some concerns there.


1. How often will I need to lubricate these after install? Even though they are non-rotating, I don't want to get squeaks or friction that will impair their operation.

2. What is involved in lubricating them after - does anything have to be removed to do it?

Please let me know soon as I gotta pull the trigger on some bushings soon!
Really you will only need to grease the full rear cradle bushings during the initial install and then you will be good. Since the rear cradle bushings don't move around that initial lubrication is plenty and just done to make absolutely sure that there is no noise.

Originally Posted by kjkjr27 View Post
For some reason when installing toe rods some cars require the rear cradle to be lowered a little because the bolt on the driver side is blocked my the gas tank. I know on my car it is that way which is why I have held off on installing my pfadt toe rods, although I am not sure why some cars require it to be done while others don't.
Unfortunately all 2010+ Camaros have this issue where you have to lower the rear cradle to get the inner toe rod bolt around the gas tank. This is the main reason that I generally recommend doing toe rods and rear cradle bushings at the same time.
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