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Originally Posted by EarlyApex View Post
I was planning on getting the 1LE permagrin setup in Jan but I have been hearing that people have ordered parts from Peddlers and experiencing long waits and no response from emails. I don't want to order if there is a chance that I could lose my money. Anyone know what's going on?
There is another thread in the vendor feedback session. There is a legal dispute occurring between Pedders Australia which is the parent company and Pedders USA. They most likely got a cease and desist lettter on any business until its resolved.

You can wait a little bit if your timeline allows or you can look at other options. The parts availability will be back once the legal issues get resolved.

Originally Posted by dynosteve View Post
Guys i emailed Pedders Head Office Australia the other day and got this response back from them, to be honest it doesnt look good for anyone that has any orders with pedders usa.

I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you have been having.We are currently involved in a legal situation with the entity that has acted as U.S. distributor.
Unfortunately we cannot assist you at the moment,if you could give me any details of the various attempts you made to contact them, it would be very much appreciated.
We hope to be able to give you more information early in the new year.

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