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Echale Gas [COTW 3/10/14]
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If you live in cali your wheels better make a statement. So i dropped the zl1 replica wheels idea. Time to load on these sick puppies 22" Giovanna Kilis. Waiting for the gorilla lock nuts so hopefully by this friday im riding high (not that type of high though) Im keeping my stock wheels for whenever i want to use all the horses. Im willing to give away some horsepower at this point lol

Mounted on these wheels are a set of Vredestein Ultrac SUV Sessanta tires.
Front wheels are 22x9" wrapped in a 265/35R22 XL
Rear wheels are 22x10.5" wrapped in a 315/30R22 XL
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Kenne Bell
502 rwhp/ 471 rwtq at 9psi (daily driver...for now)
Performance: Corsa catback, JRE Super Tensioner, dual pass heat exchanger, R1 slotted & Dimpled rotors cryogenically treated
Cosmetic: Giovanna kilis 22", zl1 mailslot bumper, Custom Emblem Pro Badge, painted calipers
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