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I find good advice here about staying square with the 1LE. I think I might have a solution with some options included for a grand total out of pocket of $376.97

I figure I can buy some new Rear LCAs, end links and a new front ZL1 bar. I get the 1LE bars, which I believe uses the same ZL1 rear bar/link setup.

I already have a spare set of brand spanking new midnight silver 2010 5 spoke wheels/Pirelli takeoffs I bought a couple years ago off a car getting 21" wheels right off the trailer and into the dealer bay.

Thusly, if I go with the 1LE set up and put rear tires/wheels on all 4 corners, I'll effectively have it "square".

OR- I have the option of leaving it staggered as factory, and installing the 1LE bar in the back and the ZL1 bar up front.

Either way I should be ok I think. I'll have both front bars and mix and match to see which I like best for half the amount I can get an aftermarket setup.

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