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Originally Posted by GearheadSS View Post
First, contact Chevrolet Customer service and get the situation escalated within GM. They will take this seriously.

Second, lawyer up.
Exactly. Make sure that you get in touch with a decision maker, not a customer service rep. This involves writing a letter (sent via USPS, not email) to higher-ups at GM. They need to punish this dealer or at least force them to give you a new/newer car. Perhaps GM does this as a gesture of goodwill.

In the past when I have had problems with a company, even a big company, I have written letters to their executive offices. Sure, the mail is screened, but I always get a favorable response from the company. The executive usually has a "fixer" who goes out of their way to fix things for you.

Two other things you should do:

1. Lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Businesses hate having unresolved complaints on the BBB website. The dealer is no different.

2. See if your local news/paper has a "shame on you" type of segment. It's a long shot, but if you get to tell your story, it may shame the dealership into stepping up.

BTW, has the dealership already said that they won't give you a newer car? They should be going overboard to make this up to you.

If they don't, I'd raise holy hell. No reason you should be in this situation!

Good luck.
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