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In our opinion we prefer the Hotchkis brace. When it comes to bushings and inserts, the inserts help but are not recommended on high horsepower builds. 2 separate 700hp cars we have done have forced 1 or more inserts to distort and start to come out. These were from 2 different manufactures. Full poly or alum would be the way to go in a high h.p. application. We like using the brace with the solid poly bushings regardless of bushing manufacture.
Lingenfelter runs the Hotchkis brace on there high H.P. Drag cars, that says a lot right there.
Our shop Camaro is running all solid poly bushings throughout the front and rear suspension and a full Hotchkis suspension and it is extremely stiff and solid but maintains a very comfortable street ride. Most clients cant believe it rides so nice.

To Recap:
Stock Car or mild bolt ons, Chassis brace
Moderate to high H.P. use solid bushings and brace
High H.P. track cars, Solid aluminum bushings

Also remember the subframe bushings in the 2010-2011 cars have move movement, GM upgraded the bushings in the late 11 models and from 12 on. The earlier cars benefit huge from solid bushings and or a brace.
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