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Originally Posted by jhoop302 View Post
To the person who began the "anyone find it a little unusual the OP only has 1 post and just joined? I hate to be skeptical, but to doubt is to learn...."

If you would look on the registry of the 2012 ZL1's, you would see my name listed there. This is an absolutely true story, and just because I am not a techie person and have not joined the social media bandwagon doesn't mean I can't bring a story to people's attention when I have been wronged.

The story is absolutely true. At least from my end. I have my doubts about whether the dealer is telling the truth or not.

As far as pictures go, if someone can tell me how to post them (they are on my wife's laptop, not at an http://) I will be happy to.

By the way, the dealer is located in Georgetown, DE and is the only Chevy dealer in that town. The local paper (Cape Gazette) has been notified. I do not know if a story has been published yet or not--they only publish on Tuesdays and Fridays.

PLEASE--if someone will tell me how to post photos, I will be happy to show you the before and a few afters...

Thanks for all the support from this group even though I am reaching out for the first time. To the skeptics out there, I have absolutely nothing to hide.

If any of you are into first generation Camaros, my name may be familiar. I wrote 6 books on first gens including:
The 1969 Camaro Reference Book
The 1967-68 Camaro Reference Book
The 1967-1969 Camaro Recognition Guide

John R. Hooper

Well I stand corrected sir. Now where are those pics? We can add the pics and the dealership name to the thread dedicated to dealers to say away from.
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