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Originally Posted by jhoop302 View Post
The state police said we cannot press charges because the car was not in our possession at the time of the theft. The dealer CAN press charges for "unauthorized use" but has not yet done so.

ALSO, NO paperwork was signed when the vehicle was originally taken in for the paint issues. That was actually the 2nd time the vehicle was in--the first time they buffed it out and actually removed more paint than they fixed.

The dealership does not have one single piece of paper signed by me other than the original bill of sale/sales contract (dated June 25, 2012).

I guess they don't have to worry about that paint problem now...

OK, the theft non-issue I get. When cars are taken in for warranty work or service of any kind to the dealership, the owner signs nothing, the record of work is documented by the service writer in house. It is on file with the dealer in the computer. The car did not mysteriously show up for no reason there and get totalled. That's another non-issue. If they are dragging their feet by all means get an attorney. He will write a letter of intent to them for a fee to you, around 200.00 or so. Then, relax and sit back. The dealer has no option other than to make you whole. Otherwise you have grounds for a lawsuit.
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