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Originally Posted by Mr. Wyndham View Post

Please read this over, and over, and over again guys.

Couple of important highlights to consider:

(1) If you don't have an order in for a 1LE or a ZL1 - please don't complain too much - because this doesn't effect you at all.

(2) The Goodyear Supercar G2 tires are REQUIRED to achieve the performance levels the Camaro team designed these cars to offer. And they cannot build a car with non-spec tires.

(3) The number of people who actually HAVE orders for these cars in the two-three month period of holds on quite small. Many more people buy standard SSs, LSs, and LTs.

(4) and finally: Sorry to folks with orders in the south, but the plant is in snow-ville...and no plant employee's safety (driving around in the cold), nor the integrity of the worth two months of time.
Mr. Wyndham - once again you are the voice of reason.....

Someone said the 5th gen is bad in snow -- and I disagree. Put a set of Pirelli Scorpions on your Camaro and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

That's what we put on our CTFs -- (ZL1s and 1LEs included - ) -- and Mom Settlemire at 89 years of age has a set on her RS.........and she lives on a steep hill.....with a steep driveway.

What people should learn: Performance Tires are performance tires because of (in part) the makeup of the tire composition - (sticky) and tread pattern.........
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