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Arrow mikeyg36's AGM 2012 2SS/RS "The Phantom"

I'm coming up on a year with my car so I figured it's time to start (a very half-assed and poorly written) build journal.

"The Phantom"

-2012 2SS LS3
-Ashen Gray Metallic
-Black Interior
-RS Package
-Polished Chrome Rims
-Hurst Short Throw Shifter

I've been following this car since the concept was revealed. I was there when the first cars rolled into the show rooms and I'd always stop in the dealer whenever I could to look at their inventory.

Fast forward a couple of years and I'm looking at getting a Jeep Wrangler or a Grand Cherokee since a new 2013 SS was just too expensive for me, and I'm not a huge fan of used cars. While on the Jeep lot I see a 2010 SS and it really got me thinking about the Camaro again. I went home and searched endlessly at cars online, I found a new 2012 that had been sitting on the dealer lot for almost 6 months and I figured I would be able to work them down below 35k. Needless to say I found out why the car was sitting for so long; that scumbag dealer wouldn't let it go for anything under sticker.

I waited until after Christmas to start looking again and that's when I found my car sitting on the used lot for almost 32k. I figured I would go check it out and see how I liked it. The car had 1 owner who bought it at that dealer, and decided to trade it for a ZL1. I took it for a test drive, and drove it off the lot with it 6 hours later.

First night home:

The next day:

Performance Modifications

-Cold Air Inductions cold air intake in polished aluminum purchased from Apex Chase

-American Racing Headers with Catless Midpipes Purchased from FSP

-Remote tuned by Matt@FSP

-BF Goodrich Sport Comp 2 Tires

Cosmetic Modifications

-Speed Dawg Custom Shift Knob

-Husky Weather Beater Custom Floor Liners

-Detailed With Adam's Products

Future Modifications

-SW Retro Chambered Cat Back or Borla ATAK or NPP
-GM 3.91 Gears
-Night Fury Cam
-2.9L Whipple
-Pfadt Coil Overs
-Other various Pfadt suspension parts
-ZL1 Replica Rims
-Halo DRL Harness
-Night Owl Halos
-Plastidipped Tail Lamp Rings
-Taillight Tint
-Window Tint
-AAC Afterburner Taillights
-Fuzzy Dice

Next to the cousin's Muffstain:

The Meaning Behind "The Phantom"

My uncle Eddie was the reason why I am so into cars today. I loved working with him in the garage and going for rides in his ridiculously modified cars and trucks. In 1999 he decided to build a Cobra kit car. Once everything finally arrived he was unfortunately diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer. It was difficult for him, but he pushed through it and after a couple of years he finally finished the car and was able to take it to track and to shows. The treatments took a real toll on him and he passed away in August of 2006.

"The Phantom" was a game that he and his car buddies used to play when they worked at the same supermarket together. They would go around drawing "The Phantom" on random merchandise hoping that they could get one another to pick it up and see it. As one final joke they had The Phantom etched into the back of his headstone. As a remembrance of him I decided to name my car "The Phantom" and I had window decals made thanks to Chris (XxVengeance28xX) and his amazing art skills.

Thanks for reading my build journal; I hope you enjoyed it .

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