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Originally Posted by hiddenangels89 View Post
What will end up happening won't turn out pretty...

> Dealer locates a Used ZL1 that he can get you
> Insurance eventually pays you for the value of your totaled ZL1 (GEICO sucks with this from past experiences)
> Dealer sells you the Used ZL1 that he can locate
> Or you can buy it from another dealer and make the travel
> Your insurance will pay you for rental usage for its maximum allowance if selected
> You will need to pay any upfront expenses and wait for reimbursement
> you will take the driver to court and sue for what you paid out of pocket (so make sure you do not sign any documents with opposing insurance companies if/when the time comes indicating you are relinquishing them from any future suits - they do do this)
> you name the dealership in a separate lawsuit for not having a secure key drop box or warning that the key drop box is not secure.

As much as we'd love to see you walk away with a brand new ZL1, the reality is that insurance is to make you whole, not better; and this is why we carry insurance, is for unimaginable things like this happening.

Then we sue, and you will most likely win, but then you have to collect. that is the hard part. Collecting from the driver = near impossible. Collecting from the dealership if you win would be easier.

Good luck.
This ^

As much as I'd like to get a new car in this situation, I just don't see it happening.

AND, for the record . . . that $%@$#@^#$%&^%$& needs to be punished.
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