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This post is going on and on,there are people which i understand have not read the posting from the start,all that is going on now is a lot of people who don't really understand the law,and how every state is different keep talking about this and that,and how insurance will replace his car with a new one,or how the police can press charges,how they understand which insurance company is liable for it...etc etc... a..
the fact of the matter,is that there are some facts about this case that most of you do not know anything about..go back and pls read my posts on page 7...I have been in contact with the OP on many different occasions on this subject,as well as the dealer...a quick lesson for a few of you..a lawyer does not work for free....they charge up to 350hr or 45 % of the recovered amount plus all other court costs,and fees for meeting with court reporters which can cost up to 1500 per meeting with recording on video as well,and fees for a judge to mediate the meetings etc that 45% can be equal to 60% really say he gets a new car which the value is 60 the lawyer will want 25k easy depending on how the agreement is arranged.could be as low as 15k if its by the hour..even if its all done really fast say the lawyer only wants 10k..fine .the OP has to pay that,it takes a court order to get the charges picked up by the dealer....or the dealer agrees to pay that as well as paying for a new car..good luck with that...

So even if the OP gets a new ZL1 less the lawyers fees,he wont be able to a afford to purchase it,or even a used silly as that sounds...i know a letter from a lawyer is cheap,but the dealer will start by passing it onto the insurance company,another thing some of you may not understand or know is that when you agree to take the payout to settle the lien on a wrecked car you also agree not to sue the insured as well.because the insurance acts as the lawyer,judge,& jury for all of it,unless you turn down the pay off for your lein,and then go to court for real...
The dealer has offered to cover the gap if there is any between the insurance pay out,and the price of a replacement 2012 ZL1 which under the law and any insurance guide line is all the OP is entitled to,no matter what some of you may think..if the op had been driving the car and he was hit and injured then ,yes he when be entitled to pain ,and suffering all of the things that gets someone the extra funds some of you seem to think he is owed.
Anyway by everyone continuing to bother or harass the dealer its just making it harder for the OP to get the extra help from the dealer that the dealer does not have to do,but is still willing to last i heared,even after everything that has gone on...

offering to send a few k for the motor is not helping,if you really want to help the op just send him the cash i posted before and the op as well under the states law the neither the op or the dealer can retain the ZL1 or can they purchase it back or sell anything from or off of it.That is the state law,it has to go to a salvage yard,and then and only then can parts be sold off of it..but the yard has to purchase it through a auction site..
none of this issue is as cut and dry as some of you guys seem to think it is...There are some issues that prevent the OP from hiring a lawyer,as they wont work for free,and its not my place to discuss his personal financial issues.. i wish both of them good luck,happy holidays..
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