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Originally Posted by Candr3535 View Post
Channel10 news in Philly at 6 pm today is covering the story. Btw my uncle is the camera man. I just want all u people too put yourself in Mr. Hoopers shoes. I guarantee most of you want a new car. And to tell you the truth I would too. Especially the way I have taken care of it. Yes I have children and a wife and yes they are the most important thing to me but my ZL1 is also important to me. Just not as important to me as my FAMILY are....the dealership is just plain and simple liable for the incident regardless that the fact is they we're closed. They gave that criminal the keys to the dealership. Period. They are on the hook for it. Just my .02. Good luck Mr. Hooper. Most of us are behind you
Yup, look up two posts
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