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Ended up doing what I came up with a couple posts ago...

For A grand total of $360.97, I ordered the front/rear 1LE sway bars, links, LCAs, and front ZL1 sway bar- basically everything I would need to either do a ZL1 front/rear sway setup or a 1LE front/rear sway setup (if I go this option I'll just put the extra pair of SS rear wheels/tires up front to make it square). Probably start with the ZL1 bar.

One interesting thing I noted was that someone said somewhere you may have to drill out a hole a bit larger on the strut in the front with the 1LE/ZL1 front bar link? But the parts book shows the same mounting nuts for either SS or 1LE/ZL1 links (p/n 11517996) leading me to believe the mount holes would be the same size? No biggie really, but I haven't heard about anyone swapping to this setup.

Anyway, soon the 2010 SS's suspension will have better roll control and still look "stock". Nobody but us will be the wiser.
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