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Arrow Twoblindsheep's Build SW 2011 2SS/RS (LOTS of pictures) [COTW 1/6/14]

So ive been a lurker on here since 2010 and didnt decided to make an account till 2012.. so i have a lot to catch up on lol lets see where to begin..

I grew up in an asian family so chevy or ford as never been the answer here.. only hondas and toyotas lol so you can imagine how my family felt when i came back home with a camaro
unlike everyone else my addition of camaro came from my close buddy when i went with him to pick up a brand new 2011 2LT/RS. i was mad jealous and i told him.. some day.. some day ill get one too!
later that year i joined the United States Air Force and started a new chapter in my life. after graduated from tech school i got stationed in Delaware. i decided that i just want something that can get me from point A to B... then i met my roommate.. he was addicted to the speed, lived the fast life.. he had a 08 mustang tuned by rosh. he took me out for a ride and i felt in love with that torque. after that my search for a fast car started.
at first i was looking for a mustang but after talking to 2 dealers around the area it really left me very bitter... at that time the mustang 5.0 was way cheaper than the new 2011 camaro.. after almost 5 months of searching i found the car i wanted in Maryland and it was a camaro! it looked just like my buddies camaro!

my first camaro! 2011 2LT/RS
it didnt take me long to start the mods thanks to this forum lol started with a new cold air intake and then i dipped all the bowties and wheels! later on i went down to Ohio to one of the Razzi shop and installed the full body kit! even jumped on the JDP color changing halo when it on was pre released!

after 6 months of owning this car i wanted more power..was really looking at the turbo kit for the V6 till i found a better deal!

a brand new 2011 2SS/RS in NJ. Summit white and red interior?! i was sold!! call the dealership up and told them i was interested! tried to bargain over the phone and said nothing about my 2LT. that weekend i drove 2 hours up to NJ with my Co-worker who owned a 2010 2SS.. the reason why?... i didnt know how to drive a manual.. LOL she taught me in her camaro like 5 mins before picking the car up ... sooo it wasnt a pretty site at the dealership
anyways skipping forward.. i got one hella deal! first i traded my used 2LT for 22K when i only bought it for 19k! and right after getting a quote on my trade in the finance guy came out and told me i got 0% for 72... i grabbed that pen and signed it.

the car was sold to me off the lot 31k! i couldnt stop smiling! and the crazy part is that my black camaro was sold when i was signing the paper.. i didnt even think that was possible.. i should of asked for more if i had known lol
saw my old camaro drive by when i stopped at McDonalds. if i was in my car i would be chasing him down! lol

after the got back home.. got back on here.. and started my mods!!!

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