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Originally Posted by el ess A View Post
Ended up doing what I came up with a couple posts ago...

For A grand total of $360.97, I ordered the front/rear 1LE sway bars, links, LCAs, and front ZL1 sway bar- basically everything I would need to either do a ZL1 front/rear sway setup or a 1LE front/rear sway setup (if I go this option I'll just put the extra pair of SS rear wheels/tires up front to make it square). Probably start with the ZL1 bar.

One interesting thing I noted was that someone said somewhere you may have to drill out a hole a bit larger on the strut in the front with the 1LE/ZL1 front bar link? But the parts book shows the same mounting nuts for either SS or 1LE/ZL1 links (p/n 11517996) leading me to believe the mount holes would be the same size? No biggie really, but I haven't heard about anyone swapping to this setup.

Anyway, soon the 2010 SS's suspension will have better roll control and still look "stock". Nobody but us will be the wiser.
Sometime in the 2012 model year, GM switched from having 10mm endlink studs to 12mm endlink studs like the ZL1. If you have pre-2012 struts you will have to enlarge the hole on the strut for the stock 2012+ endlinks to work.

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