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Originally Posted by jhoop302 View Post
I have been laying low upon advice of my attorney, but I wanted to give everyone an update.

The dealer's general manager called this morning and asked that I come over to discuss a settlement with him. He told me the dealership WOULD make good on replacing my ZL1.

In the meantime, let's not continue to try the dealership in the court of public opinion. Hopefully we can all post good comments about the dealership and remove the negative ones.
Appease those suckers , really .
Say good things about them ?
And remove the NEGATIVE ONES , are out of your mind .
Those jackals are/were trying to run over you , and now that the ropes are getting around their necks , all of this according to YOUR OWN WORDS
I do understand the way you are acting , but the shit that they made you walk on , it's not right .
Just stay away from here for a while until. The case is solved , per dealer/lawyer advice
But on the end you may get what's right , not because they wanted to make it right , but because you came in here and tell your story , just keep it in mind !!!
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