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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
This is straight forward.

Front Toe 0.00
Front Total Toe 0.00
Front Camber -1.00
Rear Toe IN +0.12
Rear Toe IN Total Toe +0.24
Rear Camber 0.00 or as close as you can get to 0.00

The only alignment issue you'll face is the range of the OEM Camber Eccentric. The OEM Camber Eccentric is good for 1 degree of adjustment. With you lowered Camaro the best you'll get is -.80. If you use my eXtreme Range Rear Camber Eccentric you'll have 2 degrees of adjustment allowing you to get to 0.00 or very close to 0.00.

Part Number HW-CAM8-R-CAM-ADJ

Originally Posted by lscamaro View Post
Anybody have a recommendation for an alignment for a daily driver that drag races at least once to twice a month. Have never autocrossed but hoping to try it soon. So basically something that might be a good all around without extreme tire wear. Oh and I will have the fe4 pedders conversion setup with the pedders zl1 front and rear bars. Oh and I have the pedders rear camber bolts
what he said
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