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I've already talked to 2 different chevy dealers and both told me that the mark up is not only stupid its ,Not going to happen HERE!!!
the mark up is a scare tactic and a shame on anyone who puts in to this lie.
I know that gm will find out about this and the press too.

The car doesn't come out for over 2 yrs and there is no option plans set yet and prices are not available (and will change many times in the next 2 yrs)
Also the car has to be made first and God forbid the economy saying dump time.

I learned a great lesson after 56 cars ,never give them what they say, car sales poeple are out to make profits not friends, so , let them claim the mark ups (its like y2k crapola ) It will media eaten by 07 and gm doesn't need that kind of negative market placing, especially about a car that is so popular to bring in a wide range of buyers.

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