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I purchased a harness bar and harnesses from CipherAuto. I am still currently waiting on their arrival as Fedex seems to have trouble locating the package at the moment

But in preperation I decided to attempt to make a rear seat delete kit from scratch before resorting to the premade piece. I think it turned out pretty well.

Deleting the rear seat was easy once I found out I needed a 15mm and deep 18mm sockets.

Name:  RSD 1.JPG
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The hardest part was measuring the pieces of wood to fit snugly without rubbing on the plastic trim pieces.

Name:  RSD 2.JPG
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I matched the interior carpet color the best I could with some fabric from JoAnn. Some spray adhesive got me to this point.

Name:  RSD 3.JPG
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Here it is completed and installed. The color is definitely not an exact match, but the flash from the camera also enhances the difference. With the seats back it blends in alot better. I also tucked the rear seat belts behind the trim panels for a cleaner look.

Name:  RSD 4.JPG
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Name:  RSD 5.JPG
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I also laid down some sound deadening material (Fatmat) to hopefully help with sound control.

Name:  RSD 6.JPG
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Name:  RSD 7.JPG
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