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Originally Posted by sharkeater View Post
Doc, I was wondering if you would do all these mods the same if you had to do it over again? What where your top three mods that made the biggest difference? Love the car!
Thank you! I would do the same except now there's so much more choice than there was then. If I had to do it over starting now, I'd go with a 21 lb battery instead of the 15 lb, and the wheels I have now instead of the ones I bought then (because the ones I have now are lighter). The wheels I have now weren't available at that time. I would also consider engine mounts that weren't quite as stiff as the Pfadt ones although they do work as advertised.

Top 3 mods that made the biggest difference I could feel... probably replacing the rear bushings, the brake rotors, and the lighter wheels. The car's handling improved dramatically with those 3 mods. I did those separately at different times so I can only imagine how it would feel to do all 3 at once.

Honestly though if I could start over I'd start with a 1LE and go from there.

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