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I've been following this closely, as I know some relatives of Mr. Hooper. I shot a paraphrased version of the posts John has made here to my best friends dad who is the service manager of a GM/Cadillac dealer and he said the following:

G.M. has no obligation dealerships are privately owned. The first thing I would do is contacted my insurance so they can go after the dealerships insurance company. All dealerships have a disclaimer for road testing vehicles by authorized personal for testing purposes, since the vehicle has taken from their care, custody and control on a day they were closed and not for test purposes this persons lawyer should have a field day. Itís hard to believe they are being this difficult! I would go after them hard, he probably should of first gone to the owner or the executive of the company and told him to make it right or he will go to the media before the story got out itself, as a bargaining chip. The only legal thing that is required by the dealership is for their insurance to cover the claim. If his attorney thinks there is a civil suit he would know? One thing is for sure I would not buy anything from them!
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