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Originally Posted by Leviser View Post
Good luck John,
Glad to see media involved.
Now it's GM turn to get involved, district manager to help persuade the dealership to do what's in their best interest. The need to satisfy the customer. A 2012 low production ZL1 will be a collectible, and there is now way to get this back now. He should get a new car. Dealership needs to eat the cost of what the insurance doesn't pay for. If dealership chooses to, they can go after the ex-employee to recoup their loss.

Just some #'s not facts,
2012 ZL1 originally paid $60k
Insurance willing to pay $40k
So that leaves $20k

Come on, you mean to tell me the dealership can't easily recoup this quickly, they will over price a few stingrays above sticker ($5k) and it's done.
And this is what GAP insurance is for.

Also why I said the dealer should have made it right in the beginning with a new identical car and had the customer agree that any compensation is the dealers. From either insurance company.
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