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Latest news. Coilovers have 1900 miles, no problems but now breaking in more. This has thrown some settings/ trials off. Some of the same front/rear settings now have some rear bounce. Tried all the recommended settings from Pedders and others from all the threads I found to get a good basic direction. For me and my setup none got rid of the rear bounce, by adding more rear rebound then on the front.That actually increased or caused the bounce, contrary to Pedders and others, theory being to control the rear more with the stiffer rear springs etc. Thats good for the auto x for more oversteer but not on the street. What works so far is 12/12 & 10/10 to start though that is good, just a bit rough or more road feel, but no bounce, lessoned the bound to 10 and 8 and that softened it up some.Now at 11/9 & 9/8 and was great on the freeways other then on a rough,choppy section of concrete freeway. Balanced around town and no bounce, just a little firm giggle feel from the back and thats most likely the stiff springs from what the pro's tell me, so all good. May go 10/9 & 8/7 but like it a little firm so will see.

Again this is what I like, and the fun of course is playing around with the settings to get what works, to bad these arent cockpit adjustables!

Sat. Auto X was fun, fast course, mostly 36-37 second range which were the fastest times for anyone out there and where we were all at, though "So Cal Camaro" did a 35! Of course those that know him will not be surprised. So Cal Race team did great, 7 of us out there. Mustangs not close mostly and Porsche guys we kept up with or beat probably had them confused a bit I played with some settings in the softer street range which seemed to work,but no conclusive evidence one way or the other as far as I could tell with my limited experiance. I did much better then the last time the course was this fast by an average of 1.2 seconds. coilovers, larger Nitto's, driving faster and tire pressures I guess, but what helped or not I dont know.
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