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Originally Posted by jbynum69
never give them what they say, car sales poeple are out to make profits not friends, so , let them claim the mark ups (its like y2k crapola ) It will media eaten by 07 and gm doesn't need that kind of negative market placing, especially about a car that is so popular to bring in a wide range of buyers.
Although I do agree with not paying more and you are 100% correct about dealers making a profit not friends, simple economics (and if you owned a dealership) is that if people are willing to pay more than sticker the dealers are not going to say no and sell all the first Camaro's at a mark up.

GM would love the press, you can see it now, people are paying thousands over sticker just to get their hands on the all new Camaro......Free press from the bet they love it.

If demand and the fools who are willing to pay over sticker is the reality in 2.5 yrs then you will get the greedy dealers marking up the new Camaro, but who is to blame?? It's the fools who pay more, not the dealers. What would you do if you own a dealership and someone wants to pay you $4K-$5K over sticker because they have to have it now?? Answer honestly now!
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