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Originally Posted by RaceAir View Post
2013 1LE electric motor gave up the ghost this morning in Florida ( 45 degrees ) at about 6,000 miles. It went out in a parking garage. I've had previous vehicles' pumps go out on me, but they don't come close to requireing the steering effort my 1LE does. (66 Mustang, '01 Tacoma, '83 S-10 blazer)

Trying to turn a sticky F2 supercar tire (285/35-20) at low speed darn near impossible. Oh, what really tops things off is that the clearance in the garage is 7'2" which means the tow vehicle (flatbed) cannot come and retrieve it!

I will have to worm my way out of that mofo (probably fighting hill-assist!)
Similar situation with my 2013 1LE, I live in FL as well and I've a little over 7,000 miles on my car. Just yesterday I got the power steering problem. I got a message that tells me to service the power steering and park assist along with the ABS, brake, and all 3 traction lights lit up. My steering was noticeably heavier, but it was still easy to steer even at parking lot speeds.

I shut the car off and turned it back on about 10 minutes later and it starts up no problem, no messages or lights on the dash at all.

Update: Electric steering problem was due to a significant difference in tire size that was on the vehicle.

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