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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
Moreno boys, kudos on all the work...looks fantastic...

I'm waiting on some Pfadt Coilovers....I have a set of Forgestar F-14s 19x10 with a 25mm off-set for a square set-up...Tires are the Toyo R888s 295/30....

How did you guys make out with the clearance on the front coilovers? Did the spring perch need to be above the tire?....If so, what ride height did you end up with?

Again, good luck with everything...

Hey Tom,

Thanks for the props!

Yes, we moved the spring perch up and have to replace the pfadt 10" springs for 8" to make room for the 305's. With camber set, we have about 3/16ths between the threads and the tire IIRC. Not sure on ride height as we havent gotten everything in the car yet.

295's on 10" should make for a killer setup! Cant wait to see it.
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