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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Staggered tire setups work great on a car like the Vette, lighter and closer to 50/50 weight distribution. The 5th Gen Camaro understeers from the factory due to nose weight, sway bars with staggered wheels and tires. The ZL1 was a huge step in 5th Gen development with revised mounting point for the rear bar and bar diameters (25mm front and 28mm rear). The 1LE is an improvement with the same size tires front and rear. The semi square wheel and tire setup was so neutral they increased the front bar diameter to 27mm to bring the bias back toward understeer. 305s all round give the 5th Gen enough stick to shine on a road course. 305/30/19s are the perfect size for the the 5th Gen. The lower CG combined with more front grip works incredibly well, not that I know anything about that

IMO, the Z/28 derived the greatest improvement in lap time with the 305/30/19 Trofeo fitment at the Ring. Those were working at the Ring. All the other Z/28 improvements didn't 'brake' as sweat. The faster you go (more RWHP) the better the Z/28 aero will work and contribute to lower lap times. The hotter the CF brakes get, the better they work. Lighter weight knows no speed limits. Better suspension is no different. I am not saying all the engineering that went into the Z/28 is not as important as the tire size and choice. I am saying that only the LS7 was breathing hard at the Ring and was run at the limit of capability.

You know if a well setup 5th Gen Camaro with over 600 RWHP went to the OPTIMA Invitational it just might beat, Porsche 911s, 850 RWHP ProTouring machines, 5th Gen Race cars... Can you imagine what a Z/28 would do with 600 RWHP
Excellent info - objective and to the point - thank you! Indeed if the Zapper had 600HP I could justify its price and likely get one. At this stage however, C7 751 can't be beat as a tremendous offer.
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