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Originally Posted by Knockoutpie View Post
It sounds like you're on the right track but if you go to any audio convention or get an audio guy in your car you'll probably get criticized. Personally i'd upgrade all the speakers even the rear. If you get good enough tweeters they're sound awesome and you'll have no need for a pair of speakers that are a comp set (with a tweeter in the speaker) You'll have so much high freq notes in there it might sound annoying.

Upgrade your front or rear speakers to a pair that are built for midrange.. You don't want all high note in the car and low note from the sub then you're missing the most important part which is the midrange.

Low - Subwoofer
Mid - Mid range speakers
High - Tweeters/comp set of speakers

I can't really put it into words...

Read that link, it goes over mid, high, and low.

Now as far as the rear speakers go, I really would replace them, It's a good idea.. I know it's a bit of a hassle but it's worth it, although you really don't hear them that much, they do play a key role in the process.
Thanks for the info! What exactly are you referring to that my car would get criticized for? Is it for not replacing the rears or is it for the choice of speakers and subs etc?

I was under the impression that the C5-650's would provide highs and mids, not just highs. I thought the component speaker provided mids and the separate tweeter on the C5 provided the highs. So I may have to rethink this. You really think replacing the rears will make that much of a difference? What would you suggest that would give me a good bit of highs and mids? Would the stock BA rear speakers be okay for mids for the time being?

I don't plan on taking my car to any audio conventions or anything like that, this is really just for my personal use. I just want high quality audio running through my car. But it looks like I will be shelling out a good amount of money so I want to make sure it sounds good for the price.

Originally Posted by Caddyroger View Post
You might to get one of these from ********. It a wiring adapter so you do not ned to cut any of your Camaro wiring. You just unplug the wiring connector form the car and plug in the adapter. then just plug in the rca plugs and just connect the 8 wire for your speakers.


You could get this mounting board so you can use the space where the ba amp is at.


I have the board and JL XD400/4 amp installed that way.
Okay thank you I will get these!
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