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Originally Posted by ben3350 View Post
Thanks for the info! What exactly are you referring to that my car would get criticized for? Is it for not replacing the rears or is it for the choice of speakers and subs etc?

I was under the impression that the C5-650's would provide highs and mids, not just highs. I thought the component speaker provided mids and the separate tweeter on the C5 provided the highs. So I may have to rethink this. You really think replacing the rears will make that much of a difference? What would you suggest that would give me a good bit of highs and mids? Would the stock BA rear speakers be okay for mids for the time being?

I don't plan on taking my car to any audio conventions or anything like that, this is really just for my personal use. I just want high quality audio running through my car. But it looks like I will be shelling out a good amount of money so I want to make sure it sounds good for the price.

Okay thank you I will get these!
I'll have to get back to you in the morning. I'll do some research for you but for a quality system all that stock stuff needs to be replaced imo you want a equal amount of mids and highs in the system but don't want it to be drowned in the high notes.
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