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Originally Posted by grocerygetter View Post
There's nothing wrong with leaving stock speakers back there for rear fill purposes with primary sound coming from the nice replacements you have chosen, however, pay attention to the ohm load of the stockers vs your aftermarket choice. I would think you could turn the gains off on the rears and bump the gain a hair...maybe 1/8th-1/4 for the fronts. I think you have a good plan. You should also pick a sub.
What do you mean I should pick a sub? Aside from the 10w7? Or are you talking about something else?

Originally Posted by SS Joey View Post
I got the c5-650's in front and Jl C2350 in the back (convertible) and a 1200.4 crunch amp...I was not happy with the sound of the JL speakers, they were very high pitch and clear but no mid range or bass at all...I replaced the fornts with Pioneer 500w and sound much better...added to more drivers to the back and 2 3.5s to the foot trying to figure out which sub/amp to go with in the stock spot (dont want a w7 because I dont want to deal with the rattling, prefer just a little bass that sounds clean with the highs...any suggestions?
Hmm... this is very worrisome. I was told the JL C5's were great sounding. Even the place I'm getting them installed told me they were going to sound great with the setup I mentioned earlier. Are the C5-650's really that lacking in mids? Since I already ordered the speakers is there something I can do to accommodate the lack of mids? I definitely want mid range not just highs.
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