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Originally Posted by Knockoutpie View Post
Most items purchased have a return policy, if most things I buy on ebay have a 14 day return policy just don't open them, if you love high pitch crystal clear tones like symbols and birds chirping keep the speakers, but if you want to hear the actual voice of the singer, you're going to need some nice mids. Believe me when I had all high notes Taylor swift sounded ear bleedingly good!

Now i'm not saing your speakers are bad because believe me they're not. But they're a component set, meaning you're going to get some highs some mids and some lows. I mean personally if you get a good set of tweeters to take all the highs for you then you can get some nice mid range speakers. Basically the numbers are what you're looking for. It kind of makes sense though, Db @ 1 watt/1meter, That's the line you're looking for for how loud it's going to be based on the wattage and sensitivity of the speaker. FZ is the frequency the speaker will pick up the mid range FZ looks like it's about 300-5000hz you're JL pick up upto 25k hz, that's way over a midrange speaker.

This is not a professional opinion.
Thank you, this is very helpful information.

Although, if I was having issues with too many highs and not enough mids, couldn't I just adjust the highs to be less and up the mids on my amp or head unit? Forgive me if this is a stupid question, I'm still learning lol
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