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Originally Posted by Knockoutpie View Post
It's a little more difficult to adjust. You can adjust the volume of the highs and turn up the mid but regardless the speaker is still going to produce that 25k hz frequency. It will just produce it at a lower sound. Or you can buy a speaker that will not be able to produce that high note so it will just be solid and flat mids.
Okay well thanks for all the info!

I'm still going to go with the C5 I think. If I end up not liking them (which is now seeming to be much more likely), then I will just put them in my other car and get something else for the camaro.

I appreciate everyone's input. It looks like the sub amp and sub are going to be a shoe in to sound good, I'll just have to decide on the C5's, I'll never really know until I put them in my car. Scheduled an appointment at my local reputable profession installer for next friday.
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