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come find out;)
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Originally Posted by Supercharged SS View Post
Congrats!! You wasted no time in getting back to the track. Is that thing even broken in yet?
Lol yes 1527 miles to be exact it feels good to be running again the tune is a bit off though I'm bogging off the line, but only way to perfect it is keep data logging and trusting Shawn.
Originally Posted by 62nalide View Post
Nice, is that on 20s? You need slicks bro!
Yes sir full weight stock gears looking for a drag setup at the moment.
Originally Posted by Pro Stock John View Post
Very nice and diggin' that MPH. So you have ported heads or are putting some on?
PRC ls7 heads and loving them
Originally Posted by Camarojt View Post
Nice!! Keep working that 60 down and you will be closer to that 10 sec goal.
Thanks jt hopefully I can find some -DAs soon and run the snot out of my car last night it was supposed to be -330 DA but it rained just my luck!

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