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Originally Posted by moserbe View Post
Been in the hospital and recuperating for the last month. Still not quite a 100% but hope to be soon. Question: After installing the rear trailing arms and rear toe rods, will it need a rear wheel alignment? How hard is the installation with the car on jack stands?
I'm still recovering from 2 major back surgeries in 2012. I've been permanently disabled since 2011. I WAS making a recovery until September, when some old fart speeding in the Walmart crosswalk decided he had the right of way instead of me and my shopping cart. I was working at rehab exercise to strengthening my core up until then. I was doing at least 200 crunches per day. Now, this disabled vet is back to square 1. Before being hit, I could run errands for 5 to 6 hours and still function the next day. Now I'm back to doing about 2 hours per day before I'm too tired to continue.
At least I have a lawyer.
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