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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
Thanks! Did I meet you at the Black Friday event?

And BTW, I may have opened a possibility of buying my river dream house instead of the Corvette. It has a three car garage (!) and needs a lot of work. Fixing it up would be a labor of love. Anyone know a a good electrician that will work in Atlantic county?

There should be another poll option to buy a vacation house instead of a corvette. Same concept.

Dream House > Corvette. This is why I am so undecided. To knock my bucket list down by one it will be Corvette or the house. I spent a lot of time at the house as a kid. To me it is the most peaceful place in the world.

If the house happens I will be installing the 1LE tow hook and heritage grill in the garage this spring. And since the 1LE will be around for a while, I will add a tune.

And in that case molsonbrador I will take your advice. And push off the Corvette for a few more years. It is interesting the "Keep the 1LE" poll option is losing. Buying the Corvette is the runaway choice. I have been reading up on the Stingray. It may be, considering the price, the best performance car in the world.
Yep, we chatted some Black Friday. I was the gray to match. The poll results are skewed cuz C7 is THE CAR that has every maker out there crying. Who wouldn't want one? Now you have a dream house in reach? Go for it, they ain't making no more land.
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