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Originally Posted by RaceAir View Post
My dad got his 14 Stingray Auto-6 2LT NON-Z51 (grumble grumble) last week after a 13 week wait. (The part constraints are mostly Z51-related outages.). His purchase was in response to my 13 1LE. He sold his Mercedes SLK280 a couple months after driving my 1LE.

He sure as hell one-upped me with the Vette. I put 75 miles on it this past week, and it is a phenomenal ride. As much as I trumpet the aggressive handling of the 1LE, I can call a spade a spade and say the Vette is the way to go. The darn thing even gets better gas mileage even without cylinder deactivation in Eco mode. The better aeros and the 450-ish fewer pounds make a helluva difference. The Z51 bits would only add to my pain.

Go to the Chevy website for the Stingray and you can see comparisons with other selected rides, but you can change one of those rides with our beloved Camaros (albeit without the 1LE package).

I feel incredible satisfaction with my 1LE, but piloting the new Stingray would be my choice if I had the coin.

Originally Posted by Thrillz View Post
You have worked hard all your life go spoil yourself. If if doesn't ruined your finances i would be all over that. You only live once.
Wow, I have worked hard and will do so for years to come. I do deserve it.
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