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Originally Posted by Optimus Prime View Post
What a tough choice! I could see both sides. 1LE is a very special car. I'm sure you probably don't care about exclusivity, but I'm sure, in time, Stingrays will be out in droves compared to the 1LE. I don't know if you plan on keeping the Stingray if you get it, but I've always had a certain respect for people who get a car and keep it forever. It just shows a real appreciation for the car. I'll admit I haven't been one of those guys, but I really see myself staying with my 1LE for a VERY long time, even with the 6th gen soon approaching. Just a thought.

Also, if you do decide to go with the Stingray, I would wait for the 2015, with your love of tracking. That new video system they recently debuted will be available then, and although I'm sure you could just use a GoPro or something similar, the program from GM sounds like it will be light years ahead of anything aftermarket.
Yes, waiting is the smartest option. C7s will hit the used market and get cheaper. And staying with the 1LE is no penalty box. I can see why it is a keeper. Really only 2 negatives, visibility and the weight. Still exploring the FI option. My reservation there is I have seen owners having trouble handling too much power. And I remember from my last bike, a C14, where else besides a track can you use a 10 second vehicle? And I may have to get a cage if I go too crazy.
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