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Originally Posted by GretchenGotGrowl View Post
It is hard to say, but based on the white truck in the VIP parking lot it looks like it would comfortably fit 16 of those wide and 4 deep.
Yes, this is my home track and very familiar with the layout. The picture is old and I'll take it down as it probably brings up more issues than are really necessary and it will probably change.

The grassy areas are perfect for any size trailer or truck. At the end of the grandstands along the 1/4 mile track is motor home and 18 wheeler parking so plenty of room. The boxed out area for trailers easily holds 2 rows of regular size trailers and is right next to the staging lanes which we will definitely not be using much of except for traffic in and out.

I have no problem with anyone starting a trailer thread and keeping track of the count for us.
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