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Originally Posted by HRD_WRK View Post
Thanks Mike for also looking out for us-your home track knowledge will be a big plus.
do I see fencing on both the north and south sides of the staging lanes running E/W parallel to the road?
It would be certainly preferred to be able to park on hard surface in lieu of grass for using jacks , changing wheels, and inclement weather (NOT fun hanging out on sandy mud). Looks like there should be extra room on various cement areas.

We'll get you a trailer count if possible as it gets closer.

We'll assume for now someone will be working on responses for early arrivals to the track, early trailer drop, and leeway on early entry.
Im sure many of us have spent Long times for initial event entry. This will be the most frustrating item to start the Cfest experience. There should be at least two groups taking in money at the gate.

Thanks again.
There is not fencing on both sides of the staging lanes. It's wide open on the track side. The grass areas are also perfect for parking on and it is very hard ground. This doesn't mean you have to jack cars in the grass, if you just put the tow vehicle part off the concrete to save room. Plenty of concrete for pits behind the trailer if this method is needed.

I will say one of the cool fest memories I have is hanging out in line with 300 other Camaros. Don't think anyone was upset at all, however as TAG said we are taking measures to ensure this isn't the case at RPR.
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